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I can re-work a previously composed piece, transforming it to meet your requirements. This can included anything from writing out an accompaniment where only a melody and chords exists, simplifying complex music, reducing orchestral scores, turning a solo song into a choral piece or restructuring a song by adding intros, endings, extra verses, repeats, instrumental breaks, transitions or modulations to other keys.

Orchestration turns existing arrangements into multi-instrumental versions of the same piece. For example turning a piano composition into a saxophone quartet, an orchestral piece into a string quartet, a pop song into an orchestral piece for symphony orchestra or reducing a large orchestration down to a version for fewer players.


Click on the thumbnails below to see examples of orchestration:

'The Entertainer' orchestrated for

String Quartet from the original piano version.

'The Lion March' orchestrated for full Military Band from the composer's original melody and chords.

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