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Whether you are a budding composer, a music publisher or a church choir conductor, your manuscripts can be transformed into a clean, engraved (typeset) copy that looks and reads just the way you want it. 

Using the "World's Best" music notation software (Sibelius) I can supply you with standard or specialised fonts and typefaces, alternative or modern music symbols to produce top quality printed music. The finished score can converted into a PDF file, a graphics file or turned into a web page that actually plays back, prints out and can be transposed.

The engraving software I use is internationally acclaimed and is used, among others, by the BBC, Peters Edition, Faber Music, Music Sales, Oxford University Press and composers such as John Rutter (choral), Barry Forgie (jazz) and Michael Kamen (film).

When sending music...

  • Only send copies of your manuscript, not originals, preferably scanned by email.

  • Please ensure that the music that you send is legible with all the parts, voicing and editorial markings clearly indicated.

  • If the music contains lyrics, please ensure that they are lined up with the correct notes.

  • Make sure that all the additional text is present eg title, composer, copyright symbols etc and in the correct places.

In the interests of clarity and readability, the stave/system layout and therefore the total number of pages may differ from the original. I will, however, maintain sensible and easy page turns if necessary.

The finished music can be returned digitally in the format of your choice or laser printed up to A3 in size and returned by post. I can bind scores up to A4 in size. Music will be formatted as A4 portrait unless otherwise specified.

Please note, the piece to be typeset must be your own copyright or in the public domain. Please get in touch to discuss this further.

Click on the thumbnails below to see examples of my music engraving (typesetting):

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